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Citrix XenServer 6.5 Now Available with NVIDIA GRID vGPU

Today, Citrix announced that XenServer 6.5 is now available. Read the press release and blog posts ...

3 years ago on Announcements

About Deleting Data

The virtual sessions are currently non-persistent. You can install your applications as long as you ...

3 years ago on GRID Test Drive

About Deleting Data

Hi there. NVIDIA GRID Test Drive meant to be a 24 hour trial for enterprise customers who are inter ...

3 years ago on GRID Test Drive

Session Recordings - Graphics Virtualization Summit at GTC 2...

Hi Cadger, The issue should be resolved now and all of the above links should be working again. ...

3 years ago on Announcements

GRID vGPU Scalability Guide

Sharing the Autodesk AutoCAD GRID vGPU scalability guide. For additional resources visit our GR ...

3 years ago on NVIDIA Virtual GPU Technology