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GRID Software Licensing is a superset

A question from Twitter today: "a client got a trial, which came with vWSE licenses. We need to ...

2 years ago on NVIDIA Virtual GPU Technology

vGPU - can i overprovision ?

(no clue on email notification, let me know if it works with this response) Correct, in your exam ...

2 years ago on General Discussion

Performance Difference Between K1 and K2

Thank you for the nudge! Given subsequent updates from both VMware and Citrix we need to refresh th ...

2 years ago on Benchmarks

Revit on VMware vSphere Horizon NVIDIA GRID vGPU Benchmarks

I would appreciate open feedback on the following sets of results. They are run on a single host ser ...

2 years ago on Benchmarks

VMware Horizon and NVIDIA GRID vGPU TestDrive

Try GRID vGPU on the VMware Horizon platform with: http://www.nvidia.com/object/vmware-trygrid.html

2 years ago on GRID Test Drive