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GRID 5.0 and Quadro vDWS Release. Available September 1st.

Available from Major Server OEMs, Quadro vDWS Streams Any Workstation or HPC Application from the Da ...

3 months ago on Announcements

License Manager with 90 days trials

Alaxa, RDSH sessions are not currently tracked in the license server on a session per session b ...

9 months ago on General Discussion

Linux VDA - How to enable H.264 Encode?

Thank you for the information.

9 months ago on XenDesktop

XenServer 7.1 and GRID K2

NIVIDIA will support XenServer 7.1 on K1/K2 platform in the GRID 4.2 maintenance release due out th ...

9 months ago on NVIDIA Virtual GPU Technology

VDA 7.11 & 7.12 Logon issues - Grid K2

If any of you have support tickets with Citrix, Please PM them to me so that Nvidia engineering can ...

9 months ago on XenDesktop