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XS 6.5 and VGPU not seeing vGPU Profiles in Console

I believe that the GPu tab might be cosmetically missing owing to bug, that is planned for hotfix

3 years ago on XenDesktop

OpenStack / CloudStack vGPU

Gpu passthrough in OpenStack, did this with the community http://blogs.citrix.com/2014/03/06/hpc-clo ...

3 years ago on General Discussion

OpenStack / CloudStack vGPU

CloudStack now has vGPU as does the latest CloudPlatform .... I think it's xs6.5 and above.... Annou ...

3 years ago on General Discussion

Performance/power management problem on shared vGPU

http://xenserver.org/partners/developing-products-for-xenserver/19-dev-help/138-xs-dev-perf-turbo.ht ...

3 years ago on NVIDIA Virtual GPU Technology

Metrics available via XENSERVER if you want to build your ow...

There are 5 APIs that can expose these metrics c, c#, Python, Java and powershell http://blogs.citri ...

3 years ago on Monitoring/Assessment Tools