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Failed to initialize NVML: Unknown Error

Which Version do you use for vGPU driver and VM driver? - if you use latest vGPU driver 331.59 ... m ...

4 years ago on General Discussion

Benchmarks to check correct implementation and tuning result...

Will there be Benchmarks from NVIDIA to check if I have completly correct implemented the cards and ...

4 years ago on General Discussion

Tuning of VMs (Windows 8.0 x64) with Driver 3.32 adding VCPU...

Please check with Benchmarks, if it really boosts the performance using more than 4 vCPUs, I found o ...

4 years ago on NVIDIA Virtual GPU Technology

Support for Windows 8.1 on XenDesktop?

By when will Windows 8.1 will be add as released on Admin Guide?

4 years ago on XenDesktop