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Jeremy Main
Lead Solution Architect - NVIDIA GRID
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Horizon View 7 Blast Extreme protocol does not support NVENC...

KJSteven, Multimonitor support for Blast Extreme using NVENC was enabled by VMware in the Horizon 7 ...

7 months ago on Horizon View vDGA

"NVIDIA GRID VGPU support does not match desktop settin...

Can you please confirm the pool setting for the "3D Renderer" is set to "NVIDIA GRID ...

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NVIDIA Vmware vSphere-6.5

vSphere 6.5 and November 2016 GRID drivers (both Kepler and Maxwell) require changing the default GP ...

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Grid 2.0

Tobias, Each active pass-through instance would require a license that would be fulfilled via ...

2 years ago on General Discussion

Grid 2.0

Tobias, The license is perpetual, there are no maintenance costs for the licenses. The firs ...

2 years ago on General Discussion