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K1 - K160Q high frame buffer utilization

What are you using for monitoring? I would suggest testing some monitoring with NVIDIA smi: http: ...

1 year ago on XenDesktop

XenDesktop 7.6 - Autocad mouse issues

The single largest performance boost I get with acad.exe is setting CPU affinity. So pin the exe to ...

2 years ago on XenDesktop

Civil3D Performance with K2 Cards

iiagdtr I apologize for my slow reply. After our Netscaler update as well as the registr ...

2 years ago on General Discussion

Nvidia Grid K1, Citrix XD and Adobe After effects GPU utiliz...

Are you able to confirm that the K1/K2 profile is being detected in Device Manager within the W ...

2 years ago on General Discussion

Grid 2.0

I agree with Tobias on this one. This could easily be a make or break for vGPU deployments depe ...

2 years ago on General Discussion