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How to install a custom application

Hi Neenjo, It is not possible to install your own apps. We had problems with abuse people trying ...

8 months ago on GRID Test Drive

Professional Graphics applications running on XenApp - Licen...

Hi H., I wrote a blog to clear up how the RDSH / XenApp licensing works, we are in the process of ...

8 months ago on XenApp

Microsoft Server 2012R2/RemoteFX compatibility with M6/M60

Hi edenlincoln, I've written up some notes on Hyper-V DDA, https://virtuallyvisual.wordpress.com/ ...

8 months ago on NVIDIA Virtual GPU Technology

GRID K2 NOT wokring on XenServer 6.5SP1

You can also get this error if host has not been rebooted: http://www.florisvanderploeg.com/upgradin ...

8 months ago on General Discussion

GRID K2 NOT wokring on XenServer 6.5SP1

Error can arise if power cable issue: https://support.citrix.com/article/CTX210153

8 months ago on General Discussion