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How to install a custom application

Hi Neenjo, It is not possible to install your own apps. We had problems with abuse people trying ...

10 months ago on GRID Test Drive

Professional Graphics applications running on XenApp - Licen...

Hi H., I wrote a blog to clear up how the RDSH / XenApp licensing works, we are in the process of ...

10 months ago on XenApp

Microsoft Server 2012R2/RemoteFX compatibility with M6/M60

Hi edenlincoln, I've written up some notes on Hyper-V DDA, https://virtuallyvisual.wordpress.com/ ...

10 months ago on NVIDIA Virtual GPU Technology

GRID K2 NOT wokring on XenServer 6.5SP1

You can also get this error if host has not been rebooted: http://www.florisvanderploeg.com/upgradin ...

10 months ago on General Discussion

GRID K2 NOT wokring on XenServer 6.5SP1

Error can arise if power cable issue: https://support.citrix.com/article/CTX210153

10 months ago on General Discussion