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GPU acceleration XenApp/Windows 2016/Office/IE

The only AD GPO you need applied for Graphics is: Local Computer Policy > Computer Configuration ...

6 days ago on XenApp

vGPU & Vmware Relative Mouse Problem

Discussion continued via PM ...

4 weeks ago on General Discussion

vGPU & Vmware Relative Mouse Problem

Hi This probably won't be what you're after, as you've specifically mentioned Horizon, but I've u ...

4 weeks ago on General Discussion

Looking for driver for P100 to run tensorflow in ESX 6.5

Hi I’ve not done any work with TensorFlow before, so I may be misunderstanding what you&rsquo ...

1 month ago on NVIDIA Virtual GPU Drivers

Published application - black window

It’s a known issue: https://gridforums.nvidia.com/default/topic/1206/xenapp/esxi-6-5-m10-serv ...

1 month ago on XenApp