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nvidia grid M60 or M10 + windows 2016 + VDI + solidwrks

Either ESX or XenServer will support NVIDIA vGPU. You can use Teradici Cloud Access Software( http:/ ...

10 months ago on General Discussion

Alternative to Citrix/VMware for running virtual Linux deskt...

You can use PCoIP with Teradici Cloud Access Software http://www.teradici.com/products-and-solutions ...

1 year ago on General Discussion

VMware Horizon View 7 - Blast

I have an issue similar to this for apps that run in full screen mode (e.g. PowerPoint in Slide Show ...

1 year ago on NVIDIA Virtual GPU Drivers

M60 NVENC - XD VDA 7.11 - only 1GB vGPU profiles and above?

Rachel, does this apply to the M10 and VMware Horizon, too, or just an XenDesktop restriction?

1 year ago on XenDesktop

Physical GPU shared between user/license types

First a clarification. Blast Extreme does work with multiple monitors except when an NVIDIA GRID GPU ...

1 year ago on NVIDIA Virtual GPU Technology