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    GPU acceleration XenApp/Windows 2016/Office/IE

    Hey guys, there was no reply from the thread starter any more. I'm pretty sure that Ben's suggest ...

    21 hours ago on XenApp

    Passthrough with tesla M10 + VMWare

    Hi Medalibi, You can replicate the use case with M10 but you need QvDWS licenses in addition for ...

    1 day ago on General Discussion

    Can Blast use decoder in vGPU?

    Hi DN, I'm not sure what you're going to achieve. If there is something that need to be encoded or ...

    1 week ago on NVIDIA Virtual GPU Technology

    License Server

    Hi forbsy, this feature was removed from 3rd party vendor Flexera. So there is not much we can do ...

    1 week ago on NVIDIA Virtual GPU Technology

    Is it possible to remove a licensed client or shorten the le...

    Hi Nealus, you're right. Unfortunately this option was removed from Flexera. We're working on thi ...

    1 week ago on General Discussion